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Suggested Links

The following links are recommended for further browsing. They are as accurate as we can provide at this time, but we depend upon feedback to keep them up to date and useful. Also, if you know of any other links that belong here, please let us know.

Our Facebook Page
Here you can find lots of news and photographs that crop up from time to time. This is an interactive site; people from just about everywhere are submitting items, so it's fun to browse through it.

"You know you're From Sonoma when…"
This is also an interactive site, where you'll find quantities of photos and stories, from Carlton Watkins' 1870 photos of the valley to pictures taken in our own lifetime by people from all over the place.

Sonoma Valley Wiki
A few years ago a wiki for Sonoma Valley was developed. It's a great resource for local historical research.

Sonoma Valley Historical Society
Our sister organization, down in the town of Sonoma, has its headquarters in the Depot Museum.

The Sonoma League for Historic Preservation
The focus of this organization is upon the historic buildings of the valley. They have been very actively promoting the preservation of the Blue Wing Inn across the street from the mission.

Sonoma Land Trust
Among other historic properties, the Sonoma Land Trust manages Glen Oaks Ranch, the original location of Glen Ellen.

Sonoma Ecology Center
The Sonoma Ecology Center researches the natural history of the area and promotes its care.

El Verano Historical Society
The Springs— El Verano, Boyes Hot Springs, Fetters Springs, and Agua Caliente— have established their own historical organization.

The Valley of the Moon Natural History Association
The Valley of the Moon Natural History Association manages Jack London State Park. They also have a Facebook page.

The Jack London Foundation
This is a very good source for all things Jack London.

Glen Ellen Fire Protection District
The Glen Ellen Volunteer Fire Department has a been an integral part of our local history. Their website has many historic photographs.

The Sonoma County Historical Society
The Sonoma County Historical Society's website has a great deal of information and many other relevant links. The society also has a Facebook page.

Sacred Sonoma
This is an interesting website showcasing the legends and lore of Sonoma County.